Hare Krishna to our devotee, congregation members, friends and family of ISKCON Baltimore.
Please Accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Sri Prabhupada.
As all of you are aware, we are in the middle of a public health crisis due to COVID-19 Coronavirus and we hope that everyone is safe and is doing their best to take the appropriate precautions that are being recommended. We are missing all of you and hope to get your association as soon as we can once this current situation improves.
As you all are aware, the temple is continuing with all of its deity worship rituals and timely schedules during this time. We are not forgetting our Lordships during this time. We want to continue to keep our standards very high with our deity worship during this time. In doing so, we are reaching out to you all to ask for your help in this matter. We ask that even though you may not be able to physically come to the temple, please consider helping us during this time with your financial support.
We are looking to keep our flower garland worship, arti and deity bhoga worship at a high level and we need your help in doing so. Please help contribute financially the best you can to keep these areas going on as long as we can while our temple programs continue to be put on hold. There are multiple ways you can contribute to these areas of deity worship. Please visit deity Nitya Seva service area to make your contribution.or contribute using the form below.