Finally good news for which most of you have been waiting for. Beginning Monday May 18 we will be opening our temple for darshan Only

Here are the times when Congregation devotees can enter the temple and take darshan:
Morning (mon-sun)-10am -12 noon
Evening (Mon-Sat)-4.30pm-6.00pm
Sunday evening darshan 5pm-6pm only

We have put together a video for u all to understand how you all will take darshan.

Few details:
1) Masks are imperative to be worn when coming to the temple .Please bring your own mask.

2) Social distancing needs to be strictly maintained .We have put signs(x marks on the floor )for devotees to stand on until the next space is available. Please follow it strictly.

3)When coming in the temple you will be required to use hand sanitizer provided at the desk to clean your hands before entering the temple.

4)You will be asked a series of questions (like you have cough fever shortness of breath).Also you will be requested you name and tel no for our record (this is called contact tracing that in case anyone later finds out to be Covid-19 positive we can immediately contact other devotees so they get tested and quarantine themselves)

5)You will be subjected to a temperature check and if you have fever (temp >37.5) you will be requested to go home.

6)Under no circumstances are you to engage in close distance talking or handshaking with the temple devotee sitting at the front desk.

7)The temple door (outside door only one) will be kept open to encourage no touch entry and similarly inside glass door will be kept open too for the same reason.

8) When you enter temple room please do not do Obeisances lying on the floor to Srila Prabhupada or Our devotees .Please do Obeisances in the mind praying to them.

9)There is a X Mark in front of each deity and devotees are requested to use that sign to pay standing Obeisances to deities .Please limit the time you stand in front of each deity for the benefit of otter congregation members .If there is no crowd then you may stand for little extra time.

10)There is no flower or caranamrita available (our apologies ) for your protection.

11) once you take darshan please exit from the same door you entered from keeping social distancing.

12) At this time there are no services offered to our congregation devotees (as per regulation of Baltimore county to avoid gathering )but as and when the rules are relaxed and Covid cases come down we will follow the same and offer services.

13) If you would like to bring any bhoga for deities there will be a basket in the temple room next to the darshan (where you will be standing to take darshan) and you can put Bhoga in there.

I have tried to put the most important points. These points are for everyone’s safety. We want our dear congregation members to stay healthy. It will break our heart if anyone gets exposed and gets sick. But if I have written anything which will hurt your feelings I apologize. Our intention is to make sure our temple stays open for darshan and we keep everyone safe when they come to temple.

Thank u all everyone
Your Servant
Nila Madhava Das