The Baltimore Hunger Free Zone team makes sure that no one within 10 miles of the HFZ kitchen goes hungry. We’re not simply handing out free meals. HFZ prepares fresh, delicious, highly nutritious, and world class culinary vegan meals to the most needy among the Baltimore Community. HFZ is taking the first step in solving long term problems of hunger in the community.

The pivotal step in fixing the hunger crisis lies in trust and mutual cooperation among members of the community. The essential ingredient is building a relationship of trust and understanding between HFZ and the community. Folks needs to really know what HFZ is about and how we aim to get there. We will aim to be transparent about our goals and what we’re doing to reach them. In the long run, HFZ is aware that it must partner with the local community to really tackle the hunger.

As of February 2021, HFZ has completed a community kitchen in Baltimore and is now preparing for the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony. As of March 2021, HFZ has officially launched the feeding program and is serving hundreds of Baltimore’s hungry and impoverished community members everyday. Community excitement is huge. Volunteers are beginning to step forward.

The future rests upon the shoulders of those who’re willing to overcome the hurdles of the world. The benefit to humanity is that you do not have to fight against the raging elements alone. Community is all about coming together and working in unison, in effective and mutually beneficial collaboration. Together, we can work wonders and achieve goals that benefit everyone within the community.

HFZ shares this sentiment as we wish to help channel some of that raw and creative energy in an effective plan to really bring the hunger crisis to grasp.

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