Hare Kṛṣṇa everyone !

By devotees prayers all out devotees have done better and are coming out of quarantine .

Because of recent evidence regarding masks our temple is instituting following guidelines:

1) Cloth mask has very poor efficiency (only 30-40 percent ).Effective Dec 31 cloth mask alone will not be permitted .One has to wear triple ply mask underneath or triple ply mask alone .Best mask is n95 or KN95. This is for everyone’s safety because of increasing Covid numbers and lack of data supporting cloth mask
2) Temple room will allow only 50 percent capacity -around 75 .
3) Mask are mandatory in temple premises
4) Prasadam hall is out of bounds for everyone and on festivals and Sunday feast boxed Prasadam will be served
5) The flower Abhishek festival will be held by rsvp only .The Rsvp will open on Friday for Saturday festival
6) Sunday feast program will restart this weekend onwards with 50 percent capacity

Thank u so much for your understanding