Krishna House

What is Krishna House ?

Krishna House is introduced by our founder Aacharaya Srila Prabhupada. It provides the place where young and working professionals can stay and experience the science of Bhakti yoga under the trained practitioners. The mission of this Krishna House is to “Share¬†Spiritual Values and practice Krishna Conciousness while enriching the lives with sustainable insight and true joy”.

Iskcon Baltimore Krishna House

Iskcon Baltimore Krishna house is located just 200 meters away from the Temple and provide safe, blissful, healthy and spiritual live-in experience for the students ( both male and female) and young professionals. They learn the Authentic Bhakti Yoga under the guidance of experienced Bhakti yoga practitioner.

Iskcon Baltimore Krishna House provide following amenities:

  1. Shared or Independent Fully Furnished Rooms ( We have Separate rooms for Male and Female)
  2. Bus Stop Across the Street (Convenient for UMBC Student)
  3. Only 5 Min. walks to Catonsville downtown
  4. Vegetarian Kitchen for Cooking or Vegetarian Prasadam available ( break fast, Lunch and Dinner) for nominal cost
For Further Inquiries please contact

Nila Madhav Das – (443)255-9609