Bhakti Vriksha

What is Bhakti Vriksha ?

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu predicted that His movement would spread to every town and village and that the whole world would be flooded with Love of Godhead. Prithvite ache yata nagaradi grama / Sarvatra pracara haibe mora nama (Chaitanya Bhagavata Antya 4.126).  Srila Prabhupada wanted to carry out the instructions of his spiritual master to preach in the English speaking world and he was the one empowered to accomplish Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s prediction that His holy name would spread all over the world..

In a lecture dated May 1st, 1973 at Mumbai, Srila Prabhupda has said “…natural tendency for, to love Krsna is there in everyone’s heart. So our Krsna consciousness movement is how to invoke that natural tendency to love Krsna. That is our business…”. The objective of the bhakti vriksha program is to invoke this natural tendency.

The Bhakti Vriksha system is a humble effort by bhakti vriksha practitioners to systematically spread Krsna consciousness by empowerment. The whole subject is logically presented for a fresher to start his Krsna consciousness path and progressively advance by regular guidance and mentoring by the bhakti vriksha sevak.

The following guidelines, program schedule, compilation of topics along with lead question and Srila Prabhupada’s teachings relevant to the topic is used by the bhakti vriksha sevak to be well prepared for the weekly meetings

Iskcon Baltimore Bhakti Vriksha

The program schedule could be explained to all members before the program starts. Based on the convenience of the members the components of the program could be interchanged except ice-breaker. The purpose of having these inter-active programs is to make the members participate and get involved. Keeping this in mind the program components can be interchanged.

Program Schedule ( Mostly on Friday or Saturday every week)

  • Kirtan & aarti(15 Min)
  • Japa(10 Min)
  • Ice breaker(10-15 Min)
  • Interactive session(45 Min)
  • Importance of preaching(15 Min)
  • Prasadam(30 Min)
To join the local bhakti group please contact :

For Ellicott City Bhakti Vriksha

Vamsi Vadan Das – 513-888-6237

Harinam Sankirtan Das – 662-312-3645

For Fredrick

Harinam Sankirtan Das – 662-312-3645

For Towson, Rockville/Gaithersburg

Prema Dham Das – 720-431-3349