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As per Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur, spiritual master of Srila Prabhupada, Krishna-seva, vaishanava-seva, and Sri nama-kirtana, may appear to be separate activities but all three have the same purport.

“By nama sankirtana, Krishna-seva and vaishanava-seva are possible.

By vaishanava-seva , Krishna-kirtana and Krishna-seva are possible.

By Krishna-seva, nama sankirtana and vaishanava-seva are possible.”

The proof is – sattvaṁ viśuddhaṁ vasudeva-śabditaṁ (SB 4.3.23)

Following are the services you can get involved.

Book Distribution

Please contact :

Prema Dhama Das : 720-431-3349

Sunderanchal Das: 443-759-1245


We conduct Summer camp for the kids age 7 to 15. Summer vacations are the most eagerly awaited holidays for children, given the year-round academic year. With parents facing the huge responsibility of keeping their children positively and constructively engaged during the break, the unique Culture Camp, with its imaginative content and engaging pedagogy allows children the chance to be themselves – happy and joyous, besides developing a well-rounded personality in spiritual environment. More details will be provided once we are nearing the summer vacations.

To join/inquire about the Sunday School and Krishna Club please contact :

Radharani Devi Dasi  – 585-485-3595 (Sunday School)

Naval Kishori Devi Dasi – 662-497-3585 (Sunday School)

Syama Bhakti Devi Dasi-720-334-0394 (Krishna Club/Summer Camp)