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Iskcon Baltimore offers various services to serve Lord Krishna and Community. Please connect with us to start your spiritual journey and being the part of hare krishna movement.

Book Distribution

Please contact:

Sunderanchal Das : 443-759-1245

Spritual Classes & Programs

Please contact:

SunderAnanda Das : 703-864-9269

Temple Communication Seva

Please contact:

Shyam Prabhu ji : 443-251-8086

Himanshu Prabhu ji : 612-802-9516

Temple Kitchen Seva

Please Contact:

Nila Madhav Das : 443-255-9609

Event Volunteer Services

Please Contact:

Mohit Prabhu ji : 410-948-6610

General Temple Seva

Please Contact:

Nila Madhav Das:443-255-9609