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Utpanna Ekadashi

November 26 @ 7:03 am - November 27 @ 10:18 am

Utpanna Ekadashi



The Bhavisyottara Purana describes the glories of Utpanna Ekadasi in a conversation between Sri Krsna and Arjuna. Sri Suta Gosvami addressed the assembly of Brahmanas thus: “If one hears with devotion and faith, the process and glories of executing Ekadasi as presribed by Sri Krishna, then happiness in this life and liberation in the next is assuredly granted.”

Arjuna once asked Krsna, “O Janardana, please describe the fruits of fasting, eating at night or at midday only, on the Ekadasi day.”
Lord Krishna replied, ” Oh Arjuna, in the early Autumn there is an Ekadasi that falls during the waning moon of Maghasirsha (November). On this auspicious day a person should take the vow of Ekadasi. In the early morning he should make a firm sankalpa or vow to fast. At the high noon he should purify his body, mind and senses by taking bath. While bathing he should pray thus: “Oh Asvakanthe, Oh Rathakrante, Oh Visnukrante, Oh Vasundhare, Oh Mrittike, Oh Mother Earth, please annhilitate my prarabdha karma (reactions from previous births) and grant me the boon of entering your spiritual kingdom.” After cleansing himself by bathing thus, he should hear about, glorify and remember Lord Govinda.

“Once upon a time, Indra approached the Supreme Personality of Godhead and prayed as follows: ‘Oh Lord of the Universe, Oh Supreme Person, we graciously offer our respects unto you. You are the topmost shelter, the parent of everyone. You create and you maintain; and you are the destroyer of all! You are the ultimate benefactor and you are Lord Brahma, Lord Visnu and Lord Shiva. You are the enjoyer of all sacrifices, austerities and prayers; and you are the real enjoyer of all living entities. There is no object in all the worlds which is not owned and controlled by you. Oh Lord! Oh Supreme Personality of Godhead! Oh Lord of all demigods, Oh protector of those who are surrendered at your lotus feet. The demigods have been evicted from their heavenly abodes by the demons. Please protect them. O great Lord of all, we have fallen to the Earthly stratum and are now merged in the ocean of miseries, kindly be pleased with us.’

“Upon hearing Indra’s very pitiful prayer, Lord Visnu replied “Who is this great demon who has triumphed over the exalted demigods? What is his name? From whom did he get such power? Oh Indra, please explain to me everything in detail. Have no fear!

“Indra said: “Oh Lord of all demigods, Oh deliverer of devotees, Oh supreme Lord. A mightily ferocious demon has attacked the demigods. His influence has struck chords of chaos everywhere. The demigods are most distressed now and we do not know how to overcome this manxome foe. There is a demon named Nadijangha who appeared in a brahmana family. He has an awesomely powerful son, infamously known as Mura. This Mura demon now lives in the fantastic city of Candravati! The Mura daemon has invaded the lusciously delightful heavenly planets and is now living there. He has dethroned Indra, Agni, Yama, Vayu, Isa, Candrama, Nairita and Varuna and taken the positions for himself. Although many, we demigods could not stop his powerful assault. Oh Lord please kill this demon and protect the demigods.

Upon hearing the plee of Indra, Lord Visnu became furiously angry with those who had harrassed the demigods, and he said, “Oh king of the demigods, This rascally demon will undoubtedly perish at the hand of my personal might. You should not fear, you can return to the city of Candravati with peace of mind. I will solve this situation post haste and restore peace to the kingdom of the demigods!”

Thereafter the multitude of demigods along with Lord Visnu proceeded towards the city of Candravati. A wonderful battle scene arose, with demigods on one side and demons on the other.    The Mura demon had a fearsome army of many followers, there were demons of all shapes and sizes and the sight was truly kaleidoscopic. Lord Visnu and the demigods prepared an unbelievable array of weaponry, and the demons also had a formidable arsenal. When the skirmish commenced the demons rushed at the demigods and the demigods fought with skillful dexterity. However, after a time the demigods were scattered hither and thither by severe beatings from the demons. When Lord Visnu fetched the demigods together and led them in a group attack, the combined effect ploughed into the demon horde. Although Lord Visnu flicked the lesser demons away as one wafts away a poisonous fly, He took great pleasure in fighting with the demon Mura. In spite of attacking with various weapons, the lord was unable to kill Mura. He wrestled with the archfiend for more than ten thousand years! Finally, after a considerable scuffle-the Divine Lord defeated Mura and went to Badirikashrama. In Badirikashrama the Lord rested in a splendidly beautiful cave called Hemavati and took rest.

The Supreme Personality Of Godhead said: “Oh Arjuna, the Mura demon followed me to that cave and seeing me resting, prepared to attack. Suddenly an incandescent daughter appeared from my body! She held many mystical and divine weapons & began to unmericilessly fight the demon. After slaying the demon the effulgent goddess cleaved his head from his body. Thereupon, all other demons fled to Patalaloka. When I arose from my slumber I saw the dead body of the Mura demon and the radiant goddess stood before me with folded palms.

Startled by such an extramundane sight the Personality of Godhead asked her “Who are you?” The goddess replied “Oh my Lord & Master, I am born from out of your own body. I have removed this demon from his torment by cutting off his gruesome head. When he saw you resting he shamefully thought to kill you in your sleep! Therefore I have appeared and severed his head.

The Supreme Lord said: “Oh Goddess, i am grateful for your protection and well pleased with you for this kind act. You may ask any benediction you like from me.”

“Oh Lord.” replied the deific beauty.

“If you at all wish to give a boon unto me, then please give unto me the potency to deliver even the most heinous sins from all who fast on this day. It is my heartfelt desire that even if one simply eats in the evening, then that person will receive half the benefit of fasting; and if one eats only at noontime, that person will receive half as much credit again. Please gift me with this auspicious favor.

The Lord said: “You are undoubtedly my spiritual energy, and since today is called Ekadasi – your name will be Ekadasi. Anybody who observes fasting on this, your day-will have his sinful reactions alleviated and attain unending spiritual bliss.

“Oh Arjuna, from that day until this, all Ekadasi days are vitalized by the Supreme Lord’s blessings. I award entrance to the supreme abode, unto those who observe the day of Ekadasi. Oh dearest son of queen Kunti, an Ekadasi which is mixed with Dvadasi is the best of all. One should always give up sex life, eating grains, honey, meat, eating off of bell metal, and applying oil on the day of Ekadasi. If a person observes this Sri Ekadasi and hears of it’s illimatable glories he can obtain even more results!



November 26 @ 7:03 am
November 27 @ 10:18 am
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