Sunday School/Club for Kids

Iskcon Baltimore Sunday School (5:00pm-6:00pm)

we all agree it takes a village to raise a child! In todays world , our kids go through a lot of pressure, tension, anxieties, competition, rejection, depression ,acceptance etc. If we invest time and groom them well, we can realize the fruit of our labor after a few years. 
Sunday school is a fun, nurturing and safe place for children and youth to make friends, learn about krishna and experience the spirit of community. Kids learn in spiritual environment about family values, community values, spiritual values, philosophy through stories , slokas, fun activities, games etc.
Sunday School provides a holistic education based on Bhagavat Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam inculcating values, life oriented skills, values, soild foundations and competencies to help build a life of character and integrity. 
The School is open to all kids between age 4 to 15. The class is arranged based on age group as below:
  1. Subhadra Class: 4-6 yrs
  2. Jagannath Class: 7 -12 yrs
  3. Baldev Class: 13-15 yrs

Krishna Club (3:45pm-4:30pm)

Krishna Club is for the kids ages between 7yrs to 15 yrs. The Club offers various life oriented skills like Arts, crafts, fireless cooking, pottery, painting, puppetry show, dance, drama, debates, Sastra presentations, games, kartal/Mirdanga , Team Building. The Clubs is on Sundays.

Summer Camp 

We conduct Summer camp for the kids age 7 to 15. Summer vacations are the most eagerly awaited holidays for children, given the year-round academic year. With parents facing the huge responsibility of keeping their children positively and constructively engaged during the break, the unique Culture Camp, with its imaginative content and engaging pedagogy allows children the chance to be themselves – happy and joyous, besides developing a well-rounded personality in spiritual environment. More details will be provided once we are nearing the summer vacations.

To join/inquire about the Sunday School and Krishna Club please contact :

Syama Bhakti Devi Dasi-720-334-0394 (Krishna Club/Summer Camp/Sunday School)

Radharani Devi Dasi  – 585-485-3595 (Sunday School)